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L'ortopedia e la traumatologia si concentrano sulle malattie muscolo-scheletriche, che riguardano braccia, gambe, colonna vertebrale e tessuti correlati.

Turkey is a country where orthopedic surgeries are performed with modern devices and there are physicians and medical centers with extensive experience in this field.

Returning the person to his normal life, regaining his old functionality and maintaining the integrity of both mental and physical health are within the field of interest of the orthopedics department.

Pain is an expected condition after orthopedic surgeries. Pain can be controlled in a patient operated by a good surgeon and team, and post-operative rehabilitation progresses positively.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries are also very important. Patients should be included in a good physical therapy program. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are also very developed in Turkey, and all patients gain function and increase comfort.

Surgeries performed by RumiPulse's contracted surgeons:

- Lengthening surgeries

-Arthroscopic and open knee surgery

- Arthroscopic shoulder surgery

-. Arthroscopic ankle surgery

- Hip arthroscopy

- Adult Reconstructive Surgery

- Spine surgery

- Pediatric orthopedics

- Foot surgery

-Hallux valgus (Thumb deformities) and Hallux rigidus (Thumb calcification)

-Foot deformities and flat feet

- Nerve compression

- Hand surgery

-Nerve compressions, endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery

-Dupuytren's disease

- Thumb calcification surgery

- Orthopedic Oncology

-Surgery of benign and malignant soft tissue tumors

-Surgery of benign and malignant bone tumors

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