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Obesità e chirurgia metabolica

La chirurgia bariatrica e metabolica, popolare negli ultimi 20 anni, aiuta nella perdita di peso e nella gestione del diabete.

Obesity Surgeries are Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass operations. Apart from that, it helps to lose weight like gastric balloon and stomach botox.

There are also non-surgical treatment options. Metabolic Surgery, on the other hand, is a procedure applied in the case of Type 2 diabetes, which is caused by the deterioration of the patient's eating habits and quality of life. The goal is to reduce insulin resistance. With the surgical procedure, the amount of food is reduced and the hormones become much more active; both diabetes and obesity problem are solved. Since the stomach is reduced in diabetes surgery, weight loss is accelerated after the surgery. For metabolic surgeries, it is necessary to have insulin in the body, otherwise it will not work.

Both Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Surgery operations are very serious surgical procedures. A detailed evaluation should be made by an experienced surgeon. Since patients usually have concomitant diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, the preoperative and postoperative process must be managed very professionally.

RumiPulse, together with the surgeon and his team, monitors the patients at every stage and ensures that the process is uncomplicated and comfortable. After the surgery, the patient is followed up for at least 12 months and the general condition of the patients is closely monitored.

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