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زرع الأعضاء

زراعة الأعضاء هي عملية يتم فيها إزالة العضو من الجسم المتبرع به ثم وضعه في الجسم المتلقي ليحل محل العضو التالف أو المفقود.

The donor and recipient may be in the same location, or organs from a donor located in a separate area can be transplanted to a recipient located elsewhere. Organs or tissues to be transplanted can be taken from living bodies or cadavers. Transplantation medicine is one of the most challenging and complex areas of modern medicine. Organs that can be successfully transplanted today include the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine and uterus (uterus).

In Turkey, there are professional organ transplant teams that have achieved worldwide success in organ transplantation. In agreement with Turkey's most successful organ transplant teams, RumiPulse has ensured that patients in need of organ transplant return to their countries in a healthy way.

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